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        Xian Nong Packaging Company is a leading manufacturer speciali zed in blow molded plastics bottles.Our products are widely used as containers for agricultural pesticides and other chemicals.We are located in the booming Xiaoshang district,Hangzhou city of China.
        Quality and technology,it is the lifeline of the Xian Nong Packaging company.The company invests heavily in new technologies and new products development.We are the first in China to commercially manufacture the CO-EX bottles.This line of products features good water barrier properties ,high dimensional stability and good heat resistance.It is very well received by our customers since introduced in year 2000.We have supplied the products to more than one hundred customers.We are the exclusive supplier to several multinational companies.We also make PE and PET bottles.These bottles are very attractive in appearance and cost effective.
        Xian Nong Packaging Company is a manufacturing powerhouse.Our daily production capacity includes more than 250,000 CO-EX bottles,200,000 PE bottles and 200,000 PET bottles.We have a broad selection of containers in a variety of styles and sizes.We also offer custom container molding and manufacturing.Based on our strong technology,we are always committed to the quality of our products.Your satisfaction is guaranteed.